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SPAIN in English Single deck

SPAIN in English Single deck

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Destination SPAIN

Step into the enchanting realm of Spain, where every corner holds a thousand stories and a million memories waiting to unfold! Spain, with its rich cultural tapestry, breathtaking landscapes, and passionate people, invites you to embark on your next adventure.


  • Premium Quality cards x1 deck
  • Poker size 63 x 88 mm
  • 1x deck weight 100g
  • Card amount: 52+2 Jokers + info card
  • Custom LionLingo illustrated cards
  • 400+ words (ES-EN)
  • Package: LionLingo Cardboard tuckbox

Order and Delivery Limitations

  • Max. 100 decks per order
  • Current shipping only to Finland
  • For international deliveries, please contact our customer support
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